Compass Litter Bin in black on a public footpath.

Wybone Rescues School That Suffers Major Fire Damage

February 1, 2024

An unfortunate series of events is something St Dominic’s Primary School is no stranger to. 

When William McConnell – the School’s facility officer – approached us, he did so with a story we couldn’t quite wrap our heads around.

In 2015, the North Lanarkshire school broke out in a blistering fire due to causes unknown. The high-rise flames and black smoke caught the attention of nearby residents and 35 firefighters quickly rushed to the scene.

Saint Dominic's School on fire in 2015.

Source: Daily Record

A frightening realisation set in after finding out the fire broke out during the day, not long after the children were leaving the building for the day. Airdrie South councilor, Michael Coyle, was relieved to hear there were no casualties, but heartbroken at what had become of the school in a blink of an eye. The school suffered severe damage, and it was agreed shortly after that the school would be moving to a new building as part of North Lanarkshire’s Schools and Centres 21 programme. Fast forward to 2018, St Dominic’s Primary was finally rebuilt three years after the fire.

Saint Dominic's School.

Source: Avtek Solutions

With the successful move, it quickly became apparent to William that there were no proper outdoor bins. The school was using small, plastic bins with no lids, undoubtedly leading to an unpleasant sight on the premises  – a recipe for disaster in our books. To make matters worse, the school was victim to a break-in on Bonfire Night, taking and burning the bins they had. St Dominic’s Primary School is passionate about providing a nurturing environment in a setting that facilitates growth. But with a limited budget, this prevented the school from investing in high-quality schools bins. William knew these current bins had to go. He journeyed to a nearby recycling centre and managed to salvage and fix up a metal unit, a temporary solution to a problem we were keen to fix.

William was determined to find a litter bin supplier with units ideal for schools. He spoke with numerous people at North Lanarkshire Council, and Julie Bishop, the council’s waste minimisation assistant, kindly passed on our details to him. After explaining the story to our sales assistant, Kerry, she spoke with our managing director (Richard Cooper) and arranged for four of our Compass Litter Bins to be sent straight to the school, free of charge.

The Compass Litter Bin is a popular choice for schools we have supplied to across the UK. The unit sports a curved design with a plastic, polyethylene body. These bins are cost-effective due to their resistance to impacts, abrasions and chemicals. As standard, the blue bins we sent to St Dominic’s Primary are embossed with a compass design, drawing on British heritage and adding a unique style to a unit that’s perfect for school premises and a vast improvement over what the school was previously using.

Image of Compass Litter Bins.

In return, we were met with kind words from William, ‘We can’t believe your company’s generosity, we are completely overwhelmed, especially as you can provide AND deliver four bins from your depot for free, absolutely brilliant.’ 

That’s all we need to keep us going.

The blue Compass Litter Bin outside St Dominic's Primary School.

One of the Compass Litter Bin’s outside St Dominic’s Primary School.

We have a range of bins specifically designed for school premises, easy and safe to use for all ages. We also manufacture children-themed outdoor school bins, like our WGP Animal Face Bins, helping and encouraging young children to recycle and dispose of litter correctly in a fun, playful way.

If you’d like to find out more about our schools bin or want to know how we can help, our sales team would love to assist you. Get in touch by calling 01226 744010 or by emailing [email protected] 

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