Wybone supports Hubbub’s Bring Back Heavy Metal campaign

October 4, 2018

We’ve worked with Hubbub on a number of exciting projects over the past year, encouraging recycling and sustainability across the UK. This month, we’re supporting their latest campaign #BringBackHeavyMetal!

The campaign will run throughout October and aims to increase battery recycling, after recent poling revealed that 178 million batteries are hoarded in UK homes and millions more end up in landfill.

Did you know that from February 2010, retailers selling more than 32kg of batteries per year (approximately 345x four-packs of AA batteries) have to provide battery recycling collection facilities in-store?

Batteries contain harmful heavy metals such as lithium, mercury and zinc, that can damage the environment if not managed correctly. Recycling your batteries reduces the risk of these metals being released into our air, soil and water.

According to, 12,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided if the UK recycles more batteries. Batteries are everywhere in our daily life, from toys and remote controls to mobile phones and doorbells. The average person in Britain uses at least ten per year.

We’re offering 10% off our Battery Bin this month, simply use the code ‘heavymetal10’ at the checkout!

As batteries are such a huge part of everyday life, it’s not always easy to find an alternative. That’s why we designed and manufacture the Battery Bin, to help facilitate the recycling of batteries.

Our compact Battery Recycling Bin is a purpose designed unit, ideal for the collection of multiple battery types in various applications.

This circular transparent battery collection unit is manufactured with a galvanised steel lid and base and a clear polythene body, featuring a hinged lift up lid for easy emptying and pink colour coding with WRAP vinyl iconography.

This bin has been specifically manufactured for the collection of used batteries, to be stored away before being recycled. The unit features a small circular aperture which helps to stop users from placing incorrect waste inside the unit. The circular hole is big enough to accommodate most batteries up to a size D.

The Battery Bin utilises a simplistic, lift-up lid design that is easy to empty. The clear body keeps the contents visible, making it easy to see when the bin is ready to be emptied and to also prevent the risk of incorrect waste being placed inside the bin.

If you’re looking for ideas to reduce battery waste, try using rechargeable batteries or plugging electrical equipment into the mains where possible. You could also choose to purchase appliances that use renewable energy such as dynamo bicycle lights and solar powered garden lights.

Do you have requirements that you’d like to talk to us about? Or looking to start a battery recycling scheme and want to talk to us about a bulk buying discount? Whatever your needs, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or email

Wybone and Hubbub Bring Back Heavy Metal Campaign