Wybone Supports Kingston Hospital with Recycling Initiative

October 17, 2014

Wybone has recently worked with Kingston NHS Foundation Trust to provide a range of internal and external recycling bins.

The aim of the project is to reduce the hospital’s environmental impact and help to meet their 10% carbon reduction rate.

Wybone worked closely with the hospital’s Waste & Estates Managers to provide bespoke bins that met the specific requirements for their new recycling initiative.

Over 180 bins were provided in total, including sackholders, animal face recycling bins, Box Cycle recycling bins and our popular MLB galvanised steel recycling bin.

The various bins included those for clinical and non-clinical areas, as well as fun animal bins for the Staff Day Nursery.

Wybone initially won the tender to provide the bins in September and the recycling initiative was launched on 26 November at Kingston Hospital.

The bins were promoted to the general public and all members of the Trusts staff in the main foyer of the hospital.


Leaflets were given out on the day to give facts about the initiative and to enlighten both staff and the public about the costs and consequences relating to recycling. The poster showed facts such as:

  • Kingston Hospital currently spends £300,000 per year on waste management
  • In 2013, 487 tonnes of waste from the hospital were sent to landfill
  • A pilot scheme showed that the hospital could recycle in excess of 100 tonnes of the waste which it currently sends to landfill, creating savings of £10,000 – £15,000 annually.


Adedayo Adegbayibi, the Trusts’ Waste and Energy Manager, “we worked closely with Wybone to roll out our new recycling initiative.

We needed a range of bins that would allow us to improve our recycling and work towards our aim to reduce our environmental impact and meet our 10% carbon reduction target.

The fun animal bins and clearly labelled recycling bins have improved the look around the hospital and encouraged people to recycle more.

We’re pleased with the quality of the bins and we hope to work with Wybone again in the near future.”