Wybone supports Knife Crime Awareness Week

March 11, 2019

This week marks the start of a week-long awareness initiative, part of a national policing campaign to educate the public on knife crime.

The campaign aims to reduce knife crime across the country and raise awareness of the dangers of carrying knives.

West Yorkshire Police recorded 2,711 knife related crimes in 2018, a 19.8% increase compared to the previous year – all other policing districts also reported an increase.

A knife collection bin is a safe and secure way to collect knives and other weapons, whilst ensuring that there can be no access to the contents.

The idea for a knife amnesty bin to collect knives and weapons launched in 2015 and has continued as a result of its success; constabularies and national police authorities are still encouraging people to dispose of their knives with no repercussions to make communities safer.

The Wybone Knife Amnesty Bin is manufactured from strong and durable, premium galvanised steel. The 2mm hot dipped galvanised steel ensures a secure manufacture and makes the bin difficult to damage; this unit is built to last!

Our knife collection bin is designed with universal, anti-vandal padlock hasps to the door. This allows a secure padlock to be fitted to the bin with no unwanted access. This system prevents break-ins using bolt croppers and the stainless steel rod hinges have five point welded tie sections and an anti-crowbar return to prevent unwanted access. An internal baffle system and one way chute prevents anyone from removing items once inside.

Depositing knives securely could not be easier with our Knife Amnesty Bin; using the chute operation to the front of the unit, once an item is surrendered and deposited inside, it cannot be retrieved without secure access to the chosen method of locking. Internal steel panels (baffle system) ensure the items fall securely into the waiting galvanised steel liner.

The internal liner is fitted with a handle to the front, to make emptying easy and convenient, whilst ensuring no need to touch the contents. The 30 litre capacity can allow for collection of multiple knives before it needs to be emptied.

During the week of action, a range of educational and enforcement activity will be taking place. Police officers will be engaging in talks at local schools to educate young people about the risks of carrying a knife, as well as introducing knife collection bins at their constabularies to encourage the disposal of knives.

Once these knife amnesty bins are in place, the power of social voice is a great way to spread the word about your campaign. The public are being urged to join the conversation using the hashtag #StopKnifeCrime

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Wybone supports Knife Crime Awareness Week